Food is my favorite “F” word

I’ve been a “foodie” my whole life.  When other kids were eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, I was sitting at the sushi bar with my dad ordering california rolls and seaweed salads.  I’ve grown to appreciate peanut butter and jellies, and I’ve managed to connect all aspects of my life to my favorite subject: food.  I love to try out new recipes and go out to eat at interesting restaurants.  For this passion of mine, I owe my grandmother Bunny.  She was a beast in the kitchen and taught me everything I know.  She passed away last fall, but she left me everything in her beloved kitchen from a 50-year-old salad bowl to drinking glasses monogrammed with her initials.  So now I am hunkered down in my cozy little apartment in Bellingham, Washington; thinking up recipes in my head and devoting this blog to the greatest teacher and grandmother I could ever ask for.


4 thoughts on “Food is my favorite “F” word

  1. Can’t wait to check in regularly with the blog! I hope you’ll include lots of recipes, both yours and Bunny’s.

  2. Hello dear Dakota,
    This is so sweet! I am so happy to know you are delighting in life and food! Bunny left a legacy of love for all of us, and I, too, am entirely grateful for her. Warmest love and all the very best to you, Heather

  3. Reading your first blog entry brought tears to my eyes. This is an amazing tribute to Aunt Bunny, and I know that each time you cook, she and her love will be part of each dish. I miss her all the time and have fond memories of the way that she could whip out a meal without seeming to break a sweat. I can’t wait to keep checking back in to see what you are up to. Thanks for the fond memories of an amazing person.

  4. I know that salad bowl. Your grandma had interesting dinner parties where we ate artichokes- what the hell are those, Bunny?- and other things unheard of in Buffalo. I bet I know that salad bowl too. She perfected breakfast food at the Chambered Nautilus! Can’t wait to see what you do!

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