Last night I was reminded of the bouillabaisse I made in July right before leaving for New York. My uncle invited us to his new house in Magnolia. I suggested we make dinner. He proposed bouillabaisse. Uh oh. I had never had it before, let alone made it.


I drudged up Julia Child’s classic recipe and went to the fish market in Ballard. For my feisty love for squid, we exchanged rings and tentacles for the suggested scallops.

Flustered by the amount of steps and heap of ingredients, I ignored the peckish stares of my family and pressed on. The chaos was suppressed with bites of Cowgirl Creamery’s Mt. Tam. My dad ate all the crackers.


What seemed like hours later, we sat down at the kitchen bar to bowls of steaming broth and seafood. I would love to share a recipe, but sometime between peeling shrimp and adding the shells to the broth, I had ignored most of what Julia suggested.


Coming soon…warming bouillabaisse with a recipe.


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