Cheese Box Giveaway


Perhaps by now that Turkey is dwindling and the pie is taking up less space on your countertop. So you need some cheese.

Even if the Thanksgiving leftovers were overflowing, you would probably still need cheese. Why not?

I’m doing a cheese box giveaway. BelGioioso Cheese Inc. generously filled my fridge drawers and they could do the same for you. Simply respond to this post with a haiku, rap or other poem about our favorite dairy friend.

Rap writing is a new thing of mine. When I was looking for a job I even sent one food company a rap about the sales position I was applying for. I didn’t hear a response, but I promise I will respond to you.

It’s only fair that I share one of my own, so here is what I sent a couple months ago when they wanted to know something interesting about me:

Please hire me ‘cuz all this cheese aint free

If you took this chance there’d be a selling spree

Workin’ well with people

Motivated on my own

I have a tenacious spirit

And a love for bahn mi, yo

I know we a share a passion

For makin’ food and partners

This career excites me

So much this rap is bonkers

There you go. Happy Monday. Comment below with a creative piece of your own for a chance to win a box of 7 different BelGioioso cheeses delivered to your door. Why a poem? Because it’s cheesy.

Thank you culture: the word on cheese and Belgioioso Cheese Inc. for making this possible. Contest winner must have a U.S. address for shipment.

12 thoughts on “Cheese Box Giveaway

  1. I need some cheese,
    I need some cheese
    don’t you see?
    it’s not just fo me
    its fo my family.

    My boys my three
    CAMembert, Pepper JACK
    and Saint ANDRE
    They need some stat.
    I have a girl too
    her name is fonTINA
    When she don’t get no cheese
    she gets meaner.

    Ain’t no cheese
    Not worth the price
    Can you tell
    It’s our vice?
    I know you askin
    Whats the deal?
    I just tryin
    To keep it real.

    Holidaze are comin’,
    That’s a fact.
    Cheese makes ’em betta
    If we win, we’d be jacked!
    We love our cheese
    As much as Donald Trump likes Mar-a-Lago
    But we prefer Asiago.

    I ain’t askin to win no lotto
    we just want to eat some burrata
    Yo Bel gioioso
    that’s some good sh…
    In fact I’d say
    That’s it,
    Bel gioioso

    Cheese cheese
    I need some cheese
    make it happen, if you please.

  2. After that first entry I confess a fear of being unworthy so I decided to try a song. Ok this lil number should be sung to the tune of amazing grace……

    Ama-zing swissssss, how great tho art,
    You smothered a bagel for meeeeeee….
    I once preferred cheddar,
    But now Swiss is better,
    And much to good to be freeeee

    Ama-zing swissssss, you are so holy
    I see the ham through youuuuu
    You’re Served warm and toasty
    Sorry if I’m boasty
    But for football brunch nothing else will do

  3. NYC is a hard place to be
    Pollution in the air make you wanna wheeze
    In the dorm cookin’
    Reservations bookin’
    Groceries prices got us begging please.

    Ain’t go no money
    Not even a honey
    (Forever prov- alone)
    Feeling blue,
    Til we found you
    Contest gonna pull us through.
    Just a little Feta
    Would make finals betta
    We don’t mean to bother ya,
    We just want some burata, son.

    – Dorm 409 at NYU (Alana, Molly, and Shiqin)

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